Treat yourself to a private screening, whether you just want intimacy without other visitors, or want to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s Day, surprise your friends or gather your family ! The entire hall just for you and your group starting from only 80,00  , depending on the desired time.

How to organize a private screening? Easy!

Choose a movie from the regular CineStar program, invite whoever you want and fill out the online form! Oh, and on private screenings there’s no commercial block with ads, and you choose if you want to watch the latest movie trailers. 

Conditions for organizing private screening:

  • private screenings can only be organized by individuals, not companies (for companies, see Business&Movies page)
  • depending on the time slot, there is a limit of max 20 people (Monday, Tuesday and Thursday) or up to max 45 people (Friday, Saturday, Sunday and holidays)
  • ONLINE FORM for organizing a private screening needs to be filled out at least 5 days before the desired screening date
  • only a movie from the regular program can be chosen, it is not possible to choose a Spectacle, a movie that is being shown in a premiere or a movie in 4DX, ScreenX or Ultimate format
  • it is possible to choose a 2D or 3D projection of the movie (if the movie is available in 3D format)
  • in the case of a 3D projection, a 3D add-on and surcharge for 3D glasses is charged
  • for movies with a duration longer than 120 min and 140 min and more, supplements for the length of the movie are charged.
  • payment is possible only by internet banking based on the offer, at the latest 48h before the desired screening date.

In case of additional questions or uncertainties, please contact us via email [email protected]

PRICE LIST AND SCREENING TIMES (private screening for max 20 people):

(4:55 PM)
80,00 €
(8:00 PM, 10:00 PM)
80,00 €

PRICE LIST AND SCREENING TIMES (private screening for max 45 people):

(4:55 PM)
180,00 €
(10:00 PM)
193,50 €
(11:00 AM, 1:00 PM, 3:00 PM)
180,00 €
(5:15 PM)
193,50 €


Supplement for movies with duration of 0,40 € per ticket 120 minutes or more
Supplement for movies with duration of 0,90 € per ticket 140 minutes or more
Supplement for REAL D 3D 0,60 € per ticket
Surcharge for 3D glasses 0,50 € per ticket


The person limit indicates the upper limit, the number of people can be lesser. Additional fees for extra people are possible (max. 10 people). The price per additional person depends on the term and can be 4.00 €, 4.30 € (not including 3D add-on) depending on the term.




    You can enter the cinema no earlier than 10 minutes before the start of the screening, after all participants gather in front of the cinema entrance. You need to show the confirmation of the Private Screening organization to the employee at the control desk.

    You can cancel a Private Screening at the latest 48 hours before the screening or choose a new date for the private screening. According to the General Terms and Conditions, a refund of the paid amount is not possible.

    There is no commercial block with advertisements on private screenings, and on the online request, you can choose whether you want to watch the latest movie trailers, up to a maximum of 10 minutes.

    You need to deliver the material you want to be displayed before the movie at least 48 hours before the screening. The material should be made according to the appropriate specifications that we will send to your e-mail.

    According to the General Terms and Conditions, only food and drinks purchased at the CineStar retail locations are allowed to be brought into the cinema. Blitz-CineStar reserves the right to prohibit entry into the cinema if the visitor has products purchased elsewhere, and also has the right to keep these products until the end of the screening and then return them to their owner.

    You can, but in that case, the Private Screening can be organized from the official date of the desired film’s premiere. We will send you an offer for the organization of the Private Screening when we receive the official confirmation of the film’s premiere date, as there may be changes in the premiere date, i.e., at the latest, one week before the screening.