Give your employees, business partners or colleagues an unforgettable cinema experience – organize a private screening of a film of your choice. In a very simple and affordable way, delight your guests and give them a “red carpet” experience they will never forget! Choose the perfect movie for your guests, opt for the latest blockbuster, art film or documentary and treat them to the best popcorn, nachos and various drinks. If you want to really impress your guests with an event they will remember, treat them to an exclusive cinema screening. Organize a preview screening of the movie and let your guests see the movie before the official release date. The perfect choice when you want to give everyone VIP treatment!

The price of the Business projection is based on the total number of seats in the hall. The hall is assigned according to the number of people who will attend the screening.

Business projection can be organized in REGULAR halls and in PREMIUM Gold Class halls.

The price of the Business projection is based on the total number of seats in the hall, and the hall is allocated according to the number of people who will attend the screening. The total price of the Business projection depends on the size of the hall and on the day and time of the projection.


It is not possible to obtain a more affordable ticket price for prerelease premiere, special screenings, and for the first week of the film screening – for all scheduled viewings after 5 p.m.

Payment cannot be made with CineStar coupons, gift cards and Stars Club.

It is not possible to organize a business projection on the day of the projection without prior notice.

All prices are expressed with VAT.

All extras are added to the basic, cheaper ticket price.


Madhësia e grupit Deri në orën 17:00 Pas orës 17:00
E Hëne-E enjte E Premte-E Diele (+festat)
20 – 50 persona 3,20 € 3,80 € 4,10 €
51 – 200 persona 3,20 € 3,60 € 3,90 €
201 – 1000 persona 3,20 € 3,40 € 3,70 €
1001 dhe më shumë 3,00 € 3,20 € 3,50 €


Add-on for films with a running time of 120 min and more 0,40 €
Add-on for films with a running time of 140 min and more 0,90 €
Ultimate by Dolby Atmos 0,60 €
ScreenX 1,90 €
RealD U 3D 0,60 €
4DX add-on 3,80 €
Syzët RealD U 3D (paguhet vetëm në arkë) 0,50 €

The business projection, as well as your idea to treat the guests to a movie, will shine brightly with additional digital branding in CineStar or with a drink at the bar. The possibilities for your branding are numerous, from several digital surfaces to the largest LED screen, and an additional possibility is the broadcasting of your telop (static images) and advertisements before the actual projection in the hall.


Choose special formats to further impress your guests:

Gold Class – synonymous with absolute cinema luxury

Experience going to the cinema in an elegant way because Gold Class is a fusion of cinema, restaurant and lounge bar.

In the new bar, you will feel like you’re in a movie, and the new, decent and elegant design of the hall gives additional magic to the gathering. Choose dinner and drinks, and leave everything else to us.

4DX – an absolute cinema experience that engages all your senses!

With only the best technologies, the 4DX motion seats are equipped with three basic movements – which can make an endless number of possible combinations to simulate activities like flying or driving. The skilled team of 4DX editors are experts in maximizing the sense of involvement in each film, without pushing the boundaries of comfort. Along with movement, environmental effects such as a storm or a gentle breeze will further intensify your cinema experience.


For more information or to order, please email [email protected].


Education, workshops or seminars – it is practical when knowledge is presented in the cinema because your content deserves a place on the big screen! Choose a hall and invite employees or partners to our inspiring spaces for a conference, presentation or e-sports and gaming competition.

Give your employees, business partners or colleagues a superb movie experience to remember.

CineStar cinema has everything you need for a perfect event – comfortable seats, halls of various sizes and the most modern cinema and audio equipment. The movie theaters are equipped with top digital technology and provide viewers with the real pleasure of watching a movie on wall-to-wall screens, with Dolby Digital 5.1 and Dolby Digital 7.1 Surround EX sound systems.

We provide free parking for all visitors.