The biggest cinema in Kosovo must also have the biggest attractions…

DinoStar and CineBot will be the biggest statues in Kosovo for sure and beyond. They came!

Their home is CineStar Megaplex in Prishtina Mall.

Our Titans are very big, but also very loving, because they adore children.

DinoStar and Cinebot love movies, in fact they are movie stars, and they also like to eat popcorn.




DINOSTAR is 17 meters, and weighs 3 tons. He is also mobile, opening and closing his mouth in sync with his voice, his eyes, head and claws move, he has stomach breathing and his tail wags. You will really feel it!

CINEBOT, the most iconic character, runs 5 meters. This titan gives you the feeling of strength, with an iron body. Cinebot is defined by his strong moral character and is almost always portrayed as the main robot hero.

We have even more news for you. Along with DinoStar you can also enjoy Dino Menu, and collect small dinosaurs.

Collect them all! Get the Dino Menu and enjoy it together with T-Rex, Stego, Toro, Ankylo, Spino adding them to your collection and come to CineStar and enjoy the movies together!

To convince yourself of them, and experience all these features, they await you from March 2nd at CineStar Megaplex!

Come and visit them and share your impressions with us on social networks. Let everyone know!


height: 8 m


lenght: 17 m


weight: 3 tones

DinoStar has following movements:

Mouth open and close synchronize with the sound

Eyes blink

Head moving

Claw moving

Stomach breathing

Tail swaying


Learn more about T.rex Tyrannosaurus rex was one of the most ferocious predators to ever walk the Earth. With a massive body, sharp teeth, and jaws so powerful they could crush a car, this famous carnivore dominated the forested river valleys in western North America during the late Cretaceous period, 68 million years ago.


Tyrannosaurus rex, whose name means “king of the tyrant lizards,” was built to rule. This dinosaur’s muscular body stretched as long as 40 feet—about the size of a school bus—from its snout to the tip of its powerful tail. Weighing up to eight tons, T. rex stomped headfirst across its territory on two strong legs. These dinosaurs likely preyed on living animals and scavenged carcasses—and sometimes they even ate one another.


Not everything about Tyrannosaurus rex was fierce, however. This dinosaur had unexpectedly puny arms, and the function of these little limbs is a source of debate among scientists. Some believe the animal’s arms were an evolutionary leftover—like the pelvic bones of a snake—or served non-predatory purposes like helping it grip a mate. Others argue that T. rex’s arms may have been adapted for “vicious slashing” at close quarters, given their ability to inflict deep wounds with four-inch claws.
And while they had strong thighs, these dinosaurs were not speedy. They could only walk briskly at up to 12 miles an hour—likely not fast enough to chase a speeding Jeep, as depicted in the movie Jurassic Park.